I’m Walking On Sunshine

My last post for 2017 (still can’t believe this year is coming to an end). I would like to share the great read that was quoted off during the celebration of the Eucharistic Mass which I attended on Christmas Eve, “That we are naturally born as radiant beings of love.” Made me ponder, what really […]

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One of my goals after graduation was to become a travel photographer. Fast forward to years later, I have found myself teaching my friends the correct camera angles, and shooting for my own blog. The end of 2017 marks the third year since my blog was created. Inner joy can be one’s best achievement, when […]

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Colours Of Cartagena

A few days ago, a bunch of us explored Cartagena, Columbia, and had a really interesting time. While most of us treat our time-off a routine to experience each port visit; their old walled city has quite surprised us. I remember 14 years back, this port of call was the fourth I chanced upon during […]

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It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Show off your best dresses and beautiful smiles 🙂 Christmas is back around, and a handful of reasons to be excited about! Today, our tree was lit, and just as how we string the lights, comes overjoyfulness, and realizes, all the wonderful things to be thankful for.

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An Outdoor Life

And back yet again… in Mexico! Filled with history and culture, its pre-historic society has somewhat reminded me of home. The main language of Mexico is Spanish. It’s a polite thing to greet them “Buenos Dias” (which means Good Morning), and locals would appreciate being spoken with in their native tongue. Weather here is basically […]

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