My Gondola Ride, Venice Italy

I have seen Venice every year for the past four years, and sometimes, my curiosity brings me to care, “Did I truly experience first hand, the things worth experiencing here?” Which then brought me to the idea of  a Gondola ride (which I haven’t tried, not once), and at the time, sounded very promising, so […]

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Sorrento and Positano

Hi everyone! It’s me again, J. Italy had taken me to take a shot at the very pristine Amalfi Coast and Positano. I felt like catchin’ up with myself and needed some fresh air after a very challenging morning at work. I followed my niche to explore, rather than go shopping. No preparations, not even […]

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Here Comes The Sun!

Back to one of my favorite places, none other than “OIA” in Santorini. As most of you know, Santorini is the busiest port of call during any Mediterranean run as cruiseships won’t miss this enchanting place. Oftentimes, when I do get a time off, I’d always make sure to swing by Oia. And feels really […]

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Escape To Nowhere

Back in Europe, and I just couldn’t be happier to have it, once again, explore the beauty of the Mediterranean. Yesterday, we decided to grab a cab, and asked the driver to take us wherever, just for an hour. Definitely, one of the best ways to explore so far, just everything unplanned, and let your […]

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Rhythm of the Night

Posting this experience from last month’s visit to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I’ve got into an excursion which was totally different from what I have imagined. The tour started with a boat ride to this private island named ” Las Caletas,” and the experience was nothing but mind-blowing! This was probably the most sophisticated tour I […]

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