Month: May 2015

Happy Will Go Lucky

Wonder how summer’s been treating everyone lately? Enjoying the super sun? Mine has been pretty bursting high… and to quote my first time to step foot on this quaint and beautiful island of Corsica which is part of France. Basking under the glory of the sun as you can see is a simple pleasure indeed. […]

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Spy in Blue

A true advocate of “Recycle and Reuse,” never gets bored of hoarding clothes, bags and other belongings, that are still in my possession for years (although i love giving away pre loved items, my friends and relatives keep an eye on), I still kept a lot of stuff from the previous years, and indeed once […]

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Travel Diary: Mykonos Greece

So how did you guys welcome the floral month of May? I spent the whole day taking a glimpse of the glitters and glimmers of Mykonos in Greece. This charming town that lies opportunely under the sun remains to be an epitome of tranquility extraordianaire. Wearing slippers seemed like the best opportune time for me […]

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