Month: October 2015

The Minimalist Effect

And yes, Halloween is happening in less than a week, this also means that parties will be rocking side by side from home, office or either. Some of you might still be deciding on what to wear but hey, it could be anything that inspires you.If you are up for a scary and crazy costume, […]

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Te Quiero Barcelona!

What do you think frees us from the grind of day-to-day routine? Isn’t it pleasing to breathe the fresh air while walking down the street, watch a movie or the sun set over the ocean with the special person in your life or even yearn to bite the dish that satisfies your nostalgic craving? The […]

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What’s your style? It is no secret that I go for what is simple yet comfortable and having less, for me, is definitely more. I always want to maintain a clean look, not to forget the touch of softness there a little bit. For me it is feminine and not trashy. Yet again, how you […]

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