Month: April 2017

Trendy VS Comfy

Society is often vulnerable when it comes to new trends. Some may deviate from the norm but isn’t it difficult to follow one’s own expression? I am really not that much into sneakers and rubber shoes, but as you can see, I am now being influenced with the current craze of NMDs, Yeezys and Ultraboosts. […]

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Happy Easter

It’s not my first time to be away from home during Holy Week. While it can be admittedly frustrating, I have learned to embrace the change. Despite this, I have lived quite settled in my second home which is the Ocean. This year, decided to make a swift change to a more meaningful Easter by […]

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Heaven On Earth

Kaui has got to be one of my fave spots in Hawaii. The last time I was here was 10 years ago, and admittedly, I am still overjoyed to have been able to step foot again on this beautiful island. Perhaps, the most interesting thing that blew me away is the perfection and raw exquisiteness […]

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