Month: June 2017

The Vineyard

Putting off the thought of a strenuous day and skipping the pleasure of shopping all day; I have perfectly substituted this predictable mindset to a new way of seeing things. Came up with an impromptu decision to just explore the community of “Pezenas,” and a visit to a winery situated in Southern France last week. […]

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Discovering Cinque Terre

It is quite funny as to how an ordinary day can be so special when a new place from your bucket list can be ticked off. Life indeed is like a spinning wheel, you’ll never know as to when you can hit the jackpot. I have just been to yet another exciting journey and to […]

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I spy with my little eye

There are a few reasons to contemplate why Venice is one place you must visit at least once in your lifetime. In our mind’s eye, this is like an oil painting at any angle, a rich colour that illuminates the setting of this city and its tinting history. To which all these I do agree, […]

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