Month: November 2017

An Outdoor Life

And back yet again… in Mexico! Filled with history and culture, its pre-historic society has somewhat reminded me of home. The main language of Mexico is Spanish. It’s a polite thing to greet them “Buenos Dias” (which means Good Morning), and locals would appreciate being spoken with in their native tongue. Weather here is basically […]

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What About A “Grecian” Stop?

I have always loved the ports in Greece. From sightseeing, dining, shopping… you name it and they have it. My routine task when going ashore exploring is to always have a scene captured through my lens. It is also my way of motivating and de-stressing myself consequently. I always feel that there is a connection […]

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Bucket List: Alhambra

Qalat Al-Hamra is how you call it, which means, “Red Castle.” A fortress and palace located in Granada, Spain. A few days ago, we took a fun trip to the historical “Alhambra.” We departed Malaga, Spain at 8:45AM, and arrived Granada by 11AM, with quick stops along the road for coffee and bathroom use in […]

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