I spy with my little eye

There are a few reasons to contemplate why Venice is one place you must visit at least once in your lifetime. In our mind’s eye, this is like an oil painting at any angle, a rich colour that illuminates the setting of this city and its tinting history. To which all these I do agree, but more than that, also look forward at the multitude of picture perfect postcards often possible to gather from each visit. This year, I tried to refrain myself from taking the water bus and rather opted enjoying solemn walks to cuddle the aroma of the city (once more). This gave me the chance to graciously get acquainted with the way of life of the locals. Passed through their market, heard the whistle of bicycles, enjoyed the buzz of water taxis and listened to the sound of Gondolas.

Momentarily, the atmosphere made me pause to relieve and attach myself to the kind of experience I luckily had. I was taught that “travel is power” and made me rethink extremely, it is true. And why is this? It is because whenever we take photographs (with or without you as a subject), we bring in magic and a glimpse of the eye of everyone who sees them. We barely open a pot and look at its value but here is the worth I found myself investing into. Love, Julie.

The month of May usually brings us cool breeze considering the swift of season to summer.

I wandered through the streets and found the Rialto Bridge 🙂

and the Grand Canal

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