Discovering Cinque Terre

It is quite funny as to how an ordinary day can be so special when a new place from your bucket list can be ticked off. Life indeed is like a spinning wheel, you’ll never know as to when you can hit the jackpot. I have just been to yet another exciting journey and to begin, I have blocked June 5th, as a special date for myself. My normal life onboard consists of working a total of 9-11 hours a day, but the courage to unleash the ultimate experience I want to achieve can always be twisted with a right mindset to make rather everything, a possibility. Therefore, organizing my schedule and chasing the right person to gain access to this grueling 9.75 hour tour turned out to be less stressful as compared to the planning of thoughts I had to strategize in getting this done. Not everyone is given the chance to be honest, so I am truly grateful to be handpicked and have this rare chance. I have heard about Cinque Terre from travel blogs and magazines, pictures I have seen truly amazed me and my hands were so excited to play over my beloved Sony Mirrorless Camera, but to capture the most interesting sights are irreplaceable! Thus, the story begins.

We docked alongside the port of Livorno, Italy. Since this is a long excursion, we needed to leave by 7:15AM. Bus ride to the first village of Cinque Terre already took us 2 hours and 30 minutes. This upper view was the one I took from the bus window seat.

First stop amongst the 3 villages was Manarola. For anyone’s information, Cinque Terre which means¬†5 lands has a string of seaside villages on the Italian Riviera Coastline. The tour demands active participation and strenuous walks primarily due to steep terraces.

A beautiful morning indeed it was, which was even more complemented by these beautiful houses.

After which, our guide took us to the train station where we boarded the 10:30 flight.

This is where we had brunch by the way. Apologies for not being able to take a photo of the menu. I got carried away with too much excitement.  :0

Our final stop was Monterroso, where I had this mouthwatering frozen yogurt.

We also had the chance of swimming, whilst exploring, and wandering around this cute li’l town.

Was indeed scorched, exhausted, but the fast paced experience was all part of the journey that made te experience even more exciting. Hope u enjoy as I did, by looking at the pictures. Love, J

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