The Vineyard

Putting off the thought of a strenuous day and skipping the pleasure of shopping all day; I have perfectly substituted this predictable mindset to a new way of seeing things. Came up with an impromptu decision to just explore the community of “Pezenas,” and a visit to a winery situated in Southern France last week.

Just half an hour drive from Sete’ (where the ship docked), we have discovered this quiet town with very good weather for us to enjoy. Grateful to have wonderful colleagues who just radiate positivity and enormous energy to vibrate laughter all the time.

It was my first time to visit a winery and a vineyard. Thus, this has carved a distinct spot in my heart. At the Abbey of Valmagne, we have to admire the cloister, the Tuscan garden, a cellar and chapter house which I will be sharing with you as we go along.

To kick this off, let me start with this:

We have got some samples of the wines produced locally for Valmagne

Walking through the old town of Pezenas

This building was built in the17th century

More pictures from inside the cellar

What a humbling experience this truly was. Until next. Love, J

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