Review: Hello Kitty Cafe, Uptown Mall- BGC

So I heard about the Hello Kitty Cafe in Manila that just recently opened and reading the good review from different blogs enticed me to see what it has to offer. Like the rest, I am also a Hello Kitty lover way back yet I couldn’t have a clear comparison what is most special for the one we have here in Manila amongst other countries since this would be my first try ever.

So out of curiosity, I paid a visit yesterday which obviously was the fourth day after their official opening to the public on July 21, 2017!   

As anticipated, the styled and well-decorated colorful exterior and the eye-catching fixtures with Hello Kitty fittings truly lightened the whole room.

So first thing first, let me bring you inside the cafe then?!

Although it was a challenge to get a table as most seats were taken. The cafe attendant enlisted us though we were fifth on the list 🙁  She got my phone number but we were just so hungry that we decided to dine in the upper floor to eat late lunch. An hour after, we received confirmation that we finally have a table arranged. We were full already so we just decided to order dessert.

They do have several options on their menu. Unfortunately, most of our choices were not available 🙁  These are the items we got 🙂 nothing special really … 

Chocolate Tart  P279   Profiteroles 

And yours truly  😛

Overall, the place really seems cute but would say one visit is enough for me.

Hello Kitty Cafe is located at the 3rd Floor of Uptown Mall, Bonifacio Global City.

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