Hello, Tower of Pisa! I am so back after 6 long years and it feels good to see you again. Not that I am curious but I am trying to see some light and convince myself, why do towers lean? 🙂

And so I posted this question on my Facebook page and quite interestingly got some pretty neat responses from friends. The best response, however, was, “that the tower itself gives honor to your presence!” 🙂

On a serious note, research say that, “the bell tower started to lean ever since construction began because the foundation was built on soft ground (wikipedia).” Honestly, wasn’t sure to have the best photos as the weather was a bit gloomy. In fact, it even poured for almost an hour. The rain however, didn’t stop this one of a kind discovery’s hustle and bustle.

Photos taken using my ever reliable Sony Mirrorless CX6000 camera. I have had this for 2 years now and is still enjoying it.  🙂

Uplifting indeed to have been able to revisit the place I have once travelled to and must I say, it was all worth it, the second time around.

Wearing Zara

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