The South of France. Along the Southeast coast has endured dazzling ports where cruise ships sail on a blue Mediterranean sea. I have done the same itinerary for the past two years and it still has remained as lively with so much touristic appeal.

So let me start with Ajaccio, Corsica. As you may know, the French’ love of food comes in naturally and it is evident as patisserie and brasserie can be seen in every corner. They too, have really good produce of fresh products, and for me, the best way to find this by simply visiting their daily market. I made sure to be there before the market closes at noon. When I was in Paris, I discovered that cheeses are one of the crowning glories of France. And overwhelmingly, you can easily find all cheese varieties and selections in all shapes and sizes all throughout. My favorite of which is “Port Salut'” which is made from cow’s milk cheese with a bright orange rind with mild flavor,  which I usually pair with melon fruit. 🙂

Ajaccio is especially attractive and the more you will appreciate it by exploring down  the center or to a beach-side. I had a very bad cold during this time and i thought it showed on these pictures. 🙂

Next stop: Villefranche-Sur-Mer

This adjoins the city of Nice and Monaco. This is one destination that buzzes with glamour, with beautiful villas and glorious gardens. Along the marina, they have wide selection of restaurants and cafes. Quite pricy though but still tempting with all the smell of fresh seafood. Simply irresistible.

After a good walk in the evening, my colleague Sweet and I, had a sumptuous dinner.

Last stop: Monte Carlo, Monaco

The roulette capital of Europe is nonetheless mesmerizing and protected. My favorite spot to visit is the Palais des Princes.

Monaco has always been consistently one of the best ports I’ve seen.

Until my next story! Love, J 🙂

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