What dreams are made of

Have you ever gazed upon a starry night? Wondering off your mind as you are at awe with the sight you see. Glittering and dazzling lights fill the night sky. A thousand twinkling eye of heaven looking upon you. Then suddenly, you pick the brightest star you see, and wish out your heart for your wildest dreams.

Perhaps you would recall watching a Disney movie, and dreaming of your Prince to sweep you off your feet, or perhaps Peter Pan taking you to Neverland, where you will find the greatest adventures your imagination alone cannot comprehend. Wishful thoughts and dreams take us back to our childhood. Where the impossible is possible.

Each one of us has a dream that we desire time after time. Some dreams are based upon reality. Dreaming is like a fuel for a machinery – Dreaming is our fuel, that helps us achieve our life long goals. Some dreams may sound preposterous while others are just logical, but whatever that dream maybe, know and put in mind that dreams alone do not occur without hard work. The formula to achieving one’s dream is a simple equation, and it goes like this: Dreaming + Working = REALITY.

Only a fool will wait for his dreams to come to reality, but a wise man will work for his dream to make it real. Simply, it can be said like this: Don’t wait for a miracle to happen, make a miracle and turn it to reality. Do not be contented, be ambitious and desire for more. Do not wait if you have a longer time to do things. Do not mope if reality ruins your expectations. Go out and work, do not let reality crash your dreams. Dreams do come true, if you work hard for it, and fight for it. Go out, do what you can and make your dreams more than just a dream!

written by: Marie Trixibelle Joan Serrano Mijares


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