Finding the perfect hair color can be a challenge and takes month (or even a year, for some). My hair had been naturally dark brown but in 2015, at the suggestion of the hairstylist, I got tempted to color it differently then eventually tried the “ash blonde” look.

I noticed several of my friends styled their hair with the same color too (which was funny)! I enjoyed it for sometime but there was also the downside as this color required typically a higher level of maintenance. Proper haircare and routine treatments were needed to avoid damaged hair. In my case, I was not able to cope up with the routine maintenance and being away from home for 6-months was a bit of a struggle to invest in a particular hair product that’s not always available in the ports/places I visited into.

First impression was my locks started to get brittle and damaged. Thanks to the Keratin treatment (anyway) for salvaging my hair! So for the past two years, I tried to tone-down the color and made sure to put less shampooing but more conditioning and then moisturizing after shower. To my surprise, the salon company onboard our ships was promoting “Kérastase” products which is really awesome! And I started using their service since last year, although it’s more pricey than usual but it’s convenient and accessible to me obviously so I have no complaints! 🙂

Returning to work in a few days, therefore, a “new do” is nice to venture! The result?! I’ve decided to go back to Blonde having the assurance that my hair will be kept alive even if I’m away from home!

So tell me what you think, is it a Yay or a Nay?! 🙂

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