My Gondola Ride, Venice Italy

I have seen Venice every year for the past four years, and sometimes, my curiosity brings me to care, “Did I truly experience first hand, the things worth experiencing here?” Which then brought me to the idea of  a Gondola ride (which I haven’t tried, not once), and at the time, sounded very promising, so as for me to appreciate even more, the quintessential Venice.

My colleague and I were booked for the “Evening Serenade Gondola.” In the midst of the summer heat, it was pretty awesome to have been blessed with a perfect weather to complete the experience.

While the gondolier was serenading us, I was busy snapping these photos as the scenery was tranquil, small and quiet canals highlighted the whole romanticism and feel of this particular moment.

The actual gondola ride took less than an hour, which was quite pricey, but heck, the experience was all worth every penny.

After the tour, of course I didn’t miss the chance (yet again) of exploring the Piazza in St. Mark’s Square. Very touristy, but it does make this city worthwhile to see. Enjoy the photos. 🙂 J



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