Welcome to my blog, where I write about my passion for travel, adventure, food and style! I started this site since 3 years ago upon the influence of some friends who had seen photos of me from different places on Facebook.

Let’s find out how I made it possible! So, here are some facts about me:

On 2004, the world of opportunities gave me the privilege to join the workforce of ┬áthe cruise industry. Embracing my profession (as “Guest Relations Supervisor”) allows me to earn and travel, to see the world, to turn the daydream into reality. And just the same as any person with creative pursuits, I enjoy investing time for photography and custom styling. Correlatively, I am converging my passion and potential towards doing something meaningful.

I graduated College from St. Paul University where I took up Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication. School was my training ground to develop my skills in TV production and photography. And guess what? I used to do short films for school projects and this idea has become useful to me when making VLOGs and recording snippets of travels.

I love dining out and enjoy eating the meal rather than cooking it myself. Ice cream (most especially chocolate flavored) and Frozen Yogurts can also complete my day!

Lastly, I do consider the ocean as my second home. Currently sailing the seven seas and blogging in between.