Kukoo Kunuku

  Hello All! I know I have been quiet for a while, as I have just settled back onboard. But, I am now back, and is very happy to share with you, these great photos, taken a few weeks ago in the island of Aruba. Have you heard of such words like Kukoo Kunuku? Well, […]

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So today marks the end of my 2-month vacation but I am beyond grateful that it was well spent. I felt truly accomplished as I had my things “to-do” for this holiday break successfully planned and achieved! I have nothing else in mind, but to experience authentic cuisine, tropical weather and friendly atmosphere anywhere you […]

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Finding the perfect hair color can be a challenge and takes month (or even a year, for some). My hair had been naturally dark brown but in 2015, at the suggestion of the hairstylist, I got tempted to color it differently then eventually tried the “ash blonde” look. I noticed several of my friends styled […]

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Daily exposure to gadgets and computers caused my right eye lazy, I also realized I’m actually near sighted. It has been a month since I’ve worn my new glasses from “OWNDAYS“; bumped into their new shop at the mall and bought a pair of glasses which I’m really happy about! They also offer high aspheric […]

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Staycation: Thames Valley Khao Yai

A flash back to the trip last month where we spent few days at Thames Valley Khao Yai  (Thailand), 3-hours drive from Bangkok. Designed in a rustic style, there is nothing else you can think of but a unique and a beautiful walk of an English countryside. With complete amenities including complimentary mini bar, breakfast […]

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