What dreams are made of

Have you ever gazed upon a starry night? Wondering off your mind as you are at awe with the sight you see. Glittering and dazzling lights fill the night sky. A thousand twinkling eye of heaven looking upon you. Then suddenly, you pick the brightest star you see, and wish out your heart for your […]

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A Masterpiece in One’s Own Comfort

Hi Everyone! My first official blogpost for 2018 and I’m tweaking this a bit because, this time, I’ve invited my first cousin to be my guest writer! She’s still young and an active member of the school’s debating team. Since she likes to write, I’m giving her the opportunity to tell us her own perspective of […]

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León, Nicaragua: Catedral de la Ascunción de Maria and Main Town

I knew this is super delayed but better late than never! Last year, the port of call in Corinto, Nicaragua was a great escape in the middle of our Panama Canal run. Four of us researched on what to do here and decided to visit León located some 93 Kilometers from the cruise port. The […]

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I’m Walking On Sunshine

My last post for 2017 (still can’t believe this year is coming to an end). I would like to share the great read that was quoted off during the celebration of the Eucharistic Mass which I attended on Christmas Eve, “That we are naturally born as radiant beings of love.” Made me ponder, what really […]

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One of my goals after graduation was to become a travel photographer. Fast forward to years later, I have found myself teaching my friends the correct camera angles, and shooting for my own blog. The end of 2017 marks the third year since my blog was created. Inner joy can be one’s best achievement, when […]

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